October Holidays and September Wrap Up 2017

This is my thirteenth month of holiday’s posts. What does that mean? These monthly posts have been around for a year! Things have changed a bit since I started out. If you’d like to read last year’s post it’s right here! October holidays and September wrap up 2017. Let’s go!

October Holidays 2017September was my first full month at college. My classes began on September fifth, and it’s hard to believe that I’ll begin studying for my midterms tomorrow! This month has been a whirlwind, but I have been enjoying my time here, and am excited to see what will come in the next few months.

October 1:

  • National Homemade Cookie Day
  • Change a Light Day
  • National Coffee Day

October 2:

  • Name Your Car Day

October 4:

  • National Frappe Day
  • National Kale Day
  • National Pumpkin Seed Day (my favorite ways to make pumpkin seeds can be found here!)
  • National Taco Day

October 5:

  • Do Something Nice Day

October 6:

  • World Smile Day

October 7:

  • World Card Making Day
  • Frugal Fun Day
  • World Porridge Day

October 8:

  • National Pierogy Day
  • National Salmon Day

October 9:

  • National Kick Butt Day

October 10:

  • National Angel Food Cake
  • National Face Your Fears Day

October 11:

  • It’s My Party Day
  • National Food Truck Day

October 12:

  • National Gumbo Day

October 13:

  • World Egg Day

October 14:

  • National Dessert Day

October 15:

  • National Cake Decorating Day

October 17:

  • National Pasta Day

October 18:

  • Meatloaf Appreciation Day
  • National Chocolate Cupcake Day
  • Newspaper Comic Strip Awareness Day

October 21:

  • National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day

October 22:

  • National Nut Day

October 24:

  • National Bologna Day

October 25:

  • World Pasta Day

October 27:

  • National Tell a Story Day
  • Black Cat Day
  • International Bandana Day

October 28:

  • National Chocolate Day

October 29:

  • National Cat Day

October 30:

  • National Candy Corn Day

October 31:

  • National Caramel Apple Day
  • National Magic Day

There you have it! As always, I’d love to hear about which holidays you choose to take part in – be it baking something different or spending some time with your cat on National Cat Day! Happy October, friends.

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  1. Fun holidays, there are several that made me smile, but the best …candy corn day…. better get stocked up!


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