October Holidays

I’ve been thinking about how it seems every other day is national give your neighbor a high five day, or tell a stranger they’re important day, and to be honest these little holidays have always seemed ridiculous to me.  There are so many of them and who ACTUALLY thinks “oh I can’t wait for national blueberry muffin day!” Because does a muffin really need a dedicated day?  Why just blueberry muffins?  Who does this sort of thing?

But I’ve also been thinking lately about how easy it is to simply let each day weave itself into the next, and suddenly you look back upon a blur and find nothing truly joyous about the time.  Ever since my POTS diagnosis last December (not sure what POTS is? Click here), I’ve been looking for the little things as life with chronic illness can sometimes feel dull and wasteful.

What’s wrong with eating a blueberry muffin on blueberry muffin day?  (Absolutely nothing, they’re my favorite type of muffin).  You don’t have to announce it with a picture and a hashtag to prove you participated, but finding a couple days each month that you can look forward to – whether it means you can talk like a pirate or eat a favorite food – might just help add a bit more happiness to your life.

October first: 

  • National Homemade Cookies day
  • World Vegetarian Day
  • World Card Making Day

October fourth:

  • National Frappe Day
  • National Taco Day (taco Tuesday anyone?)

October fifth:

  • National Kale Day
  • Do Something Nice Day
  • National Pumpkin Seed Day

October sixth:

  • Physicians Assistant Day

October eleventh:

  • It’s My Party Day

October twelfth:

  • Emergency Nurses Day
  • Take Your Teddy Bear To Work Day

October fourteenth:

  • National Dessert Day
  • World Egg Day

October twenty first:

  • Pumpkin Cheesecake Day

October twenty second:

  • Make a Difference Day
  • National Nut Day

October twenty fifth:

  • World Pasta Day

October twenty sixth:

  • National Mincemeat Day (included in memory of my great-grandmother who always made sure we had mincemeat pies at Christmas)

October twenty seventh:

  • National Tell a Story Day in Scotland and the U.K.

October thirtieth:

  • National Candy Corn Day

October thirty first:

  • Halloween
  • Carve a Pumpkin Day

There are more holidays in October, but I decided to include the ones that made the most sense for you guys, and that would be fun or easy to take part in.  Do you like this post and want to see more like this in the future? Let me know!


  1. Paying attention to quirky holidays is definitely a good idea for breaking up the boredom!

    One thing that helps me keep from feeling like every day is just the same is to live in the moment and pay attention to the nice little things, like birds and flowers, talking to a friend, etc. that are happening. Actually this kind of reminds me of the book Redwall. It’s a medieval fantasy novel in which the characters keep track of time based upon the fluctuations of nature rather than just numbers. So in the story, one summer it takes the roses a long time to bloom, and after that they always refer to it as “the Summer of the Late Rose” even when talking about events that had nothing to do with the roses. I don’t keep track of time that way, but I do look around outside and pay attention to what flowers are blooming and which birds are around.


    1. I’m glad you like it! That sounds like an interesting book, I sometimes refer to years by the vacations I went on or events that took place – sort of similar to what you’re describing.


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