How I Got Myself Onto A Schedule, And You Can Too!

I’m sure everyone has been told by a doctor or some other medical professional at some point that if you stick to a schedule it will help you.

When told this I always thought two things:

1. That’s a really simple way to feel better

2. Schedules are really hard to stick to!

And while they seem contradictory, both are true!  In the grand scheme of things, getting yourself on a schedule doesn’t cost anything, it won’t have any negative side effects, and you don’t have to go anywhere to make it happen.

That’s a lot easier than most things we do in attempts to feel better!

So why not give it a try?  The better you become at sticking to a schedule, the more productive you will be!

My School Morning Schedule:

  • Drink a glass of water as soon as I wake up
  • Eat something small
  • Take my meds
  • Do my exercises for physical therapy

This schedule is simple, but it kickstarts my day.  Getting my exercises out of the way first thing helps me feel accomplished, and gives me a bit of an endorphin rush to help keep me going!  I also wake up at the same time everyday and go to sleep within a two hour window.  Consistency in sleep has made it a lot easier for me to wake up and given me a couple extra spoons that I am so grateful for.

Read all about the spoon theory here!

What you should get from this post?

Having a schedule IS possible!

All you need to do is slowly add steps until you get a routine into place that you’re happy with.  You can start by moving your bed and wake up times to where you want them to be.  You can start by drinking a glass of water every morning as soon as you’re up.  You can start however you want!  And you can stop whenever you’re pleased with it.

It doesn’t matter if your routine is three steps or thirty.  You can always change your routine later!  The important part is starting to build habits and getting your body onto a schedule.

Bonus: You’ll never forget to take your meds or question if you did if it’s built into your schedule!

I simply cannot express to you how fantastic it is to naturally wake up and not feel like I’m dragging myself out of bed day after day.

I’ve never been one to stay up late, yet going to bed early feels like a luxury.  I’m actually tired when I go to sleep, and my nighttime routine 100% contributes to this!  This includes turning my phone off as I walk into my room so I don’t stay up scrolling for two hours after I “go to bed”. 

One unexpected perk of my schedule?  I am way more productive!  Everyone wants to get things done and be more productive, right?  I’m finishing my work faster, and accomplishing more and more of my to do list.

Anyone can do this!  It doesn’t matter if you’re chronically ill, how much work you have to do, or how old you are.  What’s stopping you from getting yourself into a schedule?  I dare you to try it.


Disclaimer: this post was written back in September 2016. I completely forgot about it and discovered it in my drafts today (April 2017). In the past six months I have stopped going to school for health and safety reasons which I will not discuss further in the post.


  1. I really appreciated this post! I am trying to get more regimated. I started a new job, so my schedule is totally overhauled. But there’s just so many factors that make making a routine complicated for me. I’m a parent, a wife, a spoonie, I volunteer, I work a split shift.


    1. I’m so happy to hear that!
      Try focusing on the little things, small habits that can help reduce stress and worry are the most important ones in my opinion. It definitely sounds like you’ve got your hands full!


  2. This is awesome! I love how you shared your own schedule, as well as a link to the spoons theory. I had no idea what that was. You’re an inspiration.


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