About Me

Hi there!

Thanks for coming over to my About Me page.

Honestly, this is one of my favorite pages to look at no matter what blog I’m on. I love to meet the face behind the scenes!

Peyton speaking at the her first awareness event!

My name is Peyton, and I’m a college student living in the U.S.

That photo of a girl standing at the front of the room? Oh yeah, that’s me. Public speaking? I love it! Give me a mic and put me in front of a crowd.

I’m a left handed math major, who’s absolutely in love with numbers.

I love Disney, and everything about it. Planning a trip and need tips on where to eat, what rides to hit first, or anything of the sort? I’m your girl!

I’m also a service dog handler, and have a number of chronic illnesses and conditions. Sometimes I feel like a professional patient, but it definitely keeps life interesting! My illnesses are what sparked the idea for Patience and Pajamas, and areĀ a huge part of my life – but not all of it!

I’ve learned quite a bit in my journey so far, but what good is knowledge if you don’t share it?

If you want to talk disability/chronic illness awareness and advocacy, check me out on Twitter!

If you want to see snaps of my everyday life on a daily (or near daily) basis, follow me on Instagram!

If you want to see all the college info you could possibly dream of, and a mix of everything you see on the blog, Pinterest is where you want to find me!

I hope to see you around!