A Chat with Chronic Conqueror Jessie McElwee of Souldmade Goods

Recently I’ve noticed a trend in the teenage chronic illness community. What sort of trend, you ask? People are giving up on themselves. They’re hearing that life’s a challenge and […]

Three Service Dog Misconceptions You May Not Realize Are Myths

There are two types of people in this world. And by world I mean country, because I am only well-versed on the service dog laws in the United States. Saying […]

One Year Blogging Anniversary

Today is a very big day! Today marks one year of Patience and Pajamas. In one year I have been able to connect more with not only my fellow spoonies, […]

30 College Orientation Tips

Below, you will find the things no one tells you about college orientation. The things you need to know that aren’t on the website. The decisions you may need to […]

Here's what REALLY happens at college orientation!

At the end of June, I attended my college orientation. Below, you’ll get a peek into my college orientation experience, the sessions I attended, and what could be in store […]

July Holidays and June Wrap Up

July is right around the corner, so what better time for July Holidays? This month I’m super excited to be going to the Dysautonomia International conference (read about my experience […]